Individuals involved in making procurement decisions or other activities that could represent a potential conflict of interest must complete the Principles of Business Conduct/的利益冲突 form every year.



  • 志愿者s and staff with decision-making/voting authority
  • Non-Members and others who do business with or on behalf of 宝盈彩app下载

Deadline for completing the form: 30 January every year.


If completing PDF version of the POBC/COI forms, please email completed form to 在ops-audit@ieee

Principles of Business Conduct/的利益冲突 Form:


To make an anonymous report of inappropriate financial activities involving 宝盈彩app下载 business or compliance with 宝盈彩app下载 principles of business conduct, 在《宝盈彩app》上写份报告.