Heathrow Airport in London

Heathrow Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world today. At the moment, it has around 67 million passengers every year and one-third of these passengers are only in Heathrow for a stopover as they travel to their destination. As a result, Heathrow is capable of catering to the needs of the passing passengers and it can handle connecting flights very well in its four terminals. The first terminal of the airport is used for domestic flights in the UK or other cities in Europe. Terminal 3 takes care of long-distance destinations like Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Terminal 4 has the same purpose as well. Meanwhile, Terminal 5 is used solely by British Airways. One of these days you might find yourself in Heathrow so here are a few important things that you need to remember.

Traveling To and From the Airport

There are two reliable ways to reach the city center of London. You can opt to use the Tube or the Heathrow Express Train. The express train is a little bit more expensive compared to the Tube but it is recommended for layovers that are below six hours. There are buses too that can take you to the nearby hotels should you choose to go to one. You can find the shuttle buses right outside the terminals. If you need to go to Terminal 3 from Terminal 1, you can simply walk but if you wish to go to Terminals 4 & 5, you can use the free buses and trains. If you will be headed to other places that is not in London, then your best bet would be to take a taxi.


Regardless of your budget, you will be able to find an accommodation in one of the many hotels within the airport and nearby area as well. You can find Yotel in Terminal 4. It is a hotel that is pod-style and it looks like the first class airline cabin. You have the option of renting a room for a certain number of hours which is perfect if you have a layover and badly need to get some sleep. But if you intend to stay overnight, you can stay at the Sofitel Heathrow. You can directly access it from Terminal 5 and use the courtesy train if you need to transfer from the other terminals. There are cheaper options too nearby the airport like the Holiday Inn and Premier Inn. Travel time to these inns take about five minutes only.

Passing the Time

You will never run out of shops to visit while at the Heathrow Airport because it is like a huge shopping mall where you can get bargains that are tax-free. There are so many shops to choose from to shop for clothes, shoes, electronics and so on. There is a wide range of food choices as well. If unwinding is what you want to do, get a day pass to get access to Sofitel’s spa.

Going Mobile

Heathrow does not have free wireless internet though. You will need to pay to get connected. But if pay to get access to the executive lounge, you can get the complimentary access to the internet.

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